Thousands of years of suffering, with no effective treatment for Hemophilia, and then in the last few decades research has exploded.

Hemophilia Research1965 Cryoprecipitate used to treat Hemophilia.1
1968 First FIX and FVIII Concentrates.1
1982 FIX Gene cloned.1
1982 FVIII Gene cloned.1
1985 First viral inactivated factor concentrates become available.1
1992 First Recombinant product becomes available.1
1992 First Gene Therapy trials in mice.1
1993-1994 FIX First Gene Therapy in dogs.1
1993 FIX First Gene Therapy in humans 2% factor level increase.
1994 FIX Gene Therapy in dogs up to 300% increase for 1-2 months.2
1995-1996 First FIX Gene therapy in mice and dogs.1
1996 FVIII Gene Therapy in dogs well over therapeutic level for 1-2 weeks.31997 First Recombinant FIX product.1
1998 FVIII Gene Therapy in humans 4% factor level increase.1
1999 FIX Gene Therapy in humans B 1.6% increase.1
1999 FVIII Gene Therapy in mice produce 20 % increase for 11 months.4
2000 FVIII Gene Therapy in mice 4%-20% increase.5
2001 FIX Gene Therapy in humans 2%- 12% increase.1
2001 FVIII Gene Therapy in humans up to 3% increase.1
2002 FVIII Gene Therapy in mice up to 20 % increase.6
2003 FIX Gene Therapy in neonatal mice 150%-280% for more than 14 Months.72003 FIX Gene Therapy in neonatal dogs 12%- 36% increase for more than 14 Months.7
2004 FVIII Gene Therapy in mice produces 100% correction.8
2004 Vwb Factor Genetically produced in culture.9
2004 FIX Gene therapy in dogs 4%-14% increase for 3 years, observation ongoing.10
2005 Glannzman's Thrombasthenia Gene Therapy produces therapeutic levels in mice.11
2005 FVIII Gene Therapy in newborn mice and dogs produces 115% - 139% factor levels for 1 1/2 years, observation ongoing.12
2006 Gene Therapy produces FVIII stored in platelets to overcome inhibitors.14
2006 FVIIA Gene Therapy in mice produces therapeutic levels to overcome inhibitors.15
2006 FIX produced from microcapsule implanted in mice.16
2006 FIX Gene Therapy in mice produces Long Term Therapeutic levels.17
2007 FIX Gene Therapy in humans produces increases for over 3.7 years observation ongoing.18
2007 FVIII Gene Therapy in dogs and mice produces factor level increases 2%-4.5% for 27 weeks.19
2007 Vwb Factor produced by Gene Therapy.20
2007 FIX Gene Therapy in mice produces over 10% for more than 280 Days.21
2006 FVIIa Gene Therapy in mice produces FVIIa.13

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