Treatment Centers


Treatment Center

Your treatment center is one of your best resources for keeping your joints healthy. Your treatment center's doctors and nurses will work with you to monitor your bleed patterns and prescribe the best methods of treatment. They will help you keep track of your factor infusions and bleeding history. Most treatment centers have a physical therapist on the team to help you create an exercise program.

Although services may vary by treatment center, the following are some of the services typically offered through a hemophilia treatment center:
  • Medical treatment
  • Education
  • Psychological and emotional counseling
  • Advocacy with insurance companies
  • Research studies and clinical trials
  • Support groups
  • Education on hemophilia for school teachers and day care staff
  • Home infusion instruction and support for parents and children
  • Genetic counseling
  • Safety network for traveling families
  • Summer camps for children with hemophilia

Hemophilia Treatment Center List

I found a great site called Accredo that has a very easy to use Treatment Center Finder Tool.  Not only can you plan your route but you can locate all of the available Hemophilia Treatment Centers along the way. Click Here to Map Your Next Trip

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