Along my life path I've learned that learning from others and sharing is the most powerful thing.  If one fails...learn how and avoid those mistakes if possible.  If one succeeds... learn how and do what you can to replicate it in your life.

To learn from others and to receive up-to-date information, I've signed up for several enewsletters and "to receive information".  Today, I got a a package from Red Chip Enterprises with many different books for me (as a parent) and for my son to help us live a better more informative life.
Here are the titles of the books that just arrived:
  • What to expect during the Primary School years
  • Teaching the Educators
  • Just a Boy
  • Dental Care
  • Alexis, The Prince Who Had Hemophilia
  • How Children Understand Hemophilia
  • A practical guide
  • Teach Your Child
Thank you Red Chip Enterprises for all this incredible material.  I am looking forward reading all the books to learn and to share with others how to make the lives of our children with Hemophilia as pain free and as free as possible.